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India is becoming a hub for Clinical Research; the demand for professionals in this field is growing rapidly. There will soon be a massive demand for clinical Research professionals, making it an interesting career option with massive growth potential. Clinical research Industry is all set to become the next big thing in India. A large population with a substantial workforce and cost benefits influence multinationals to set up research facilities here. Besides due to the prevalence of a large variety of diseases, including widespread cases of cancer and diabetes India. SKYLINE CRS is the most reputed institute dedicated to promoting ethical research and high-quality Clinical Research education. SKYLINE CRS addresses the need for qualified and trained Clinical Research professionals by offering various programs in Clinical Research at its centers. SKYLINE CRS serves you with a platform that trains all aspirants to be well prepared to meet the needs of this “Ever-evolving Industry” with Disseminating Knowledge and Skills in Core and frontier areas of Clinical Research. SKYLINE CRS provide an independent global framework for international education, training and exchange of information for Clinical Research Professionals and to foster professional excellence in design and execution of clinical research, thereby contributing to enhancing the Clinical Research culture in India" SKYLINE CRS provide Site Management services (SKYLINE SMO) to support the successful outcome of clinical trials for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.


Skyline CRS is a premier Institute in the field of Clinical research Training and course with enriched experience of more than 12 years. We are aware about the importance of Clinical Research in Healthcare industry We have introduced these courses to create awareness of clinical trials which will help the healthcare professionals to become knowledgeable in Clinical Research domain. To provide 'The Best Professionals' to the Clinical Research Industry is our commitment and we are dedicated for the purpose.We have accepted the challenge to fulfill the increasing demand of the Clinical Research industry with the thoroughly trained talent pool. For the purpose, we select Experienced, Qualified faculties from the industry who are committed to fulfill the challenge to meet the industry demands. To achieve our “Ready to work in Clinical Research industry” objective, we train our candidates with o extensive, practical and current process trainings. In order to improve the job prospects for candidates and aspirants of Medical, pharma and life sciences, we have developed innovative, approach which enables them to meet the growing demand for skilled manpower for the Pharma, CRO and Healthcare industries. Whichever course you are looking for, at Skyline CRS we have all the Clinical Research courses available. Even for the professional already working in Clinical Research field, we have developed professional excellence courses. So, what are you waiting for, Hurry up, Enroll today without any delay!


“One key element attracting pharmaceutical companies to India is the lower clinical trial cost.” Our vision is to be the global leader of excellence knowledge center in the field of Clinical Research and to server clinical research Sciences Industry for the Social wellbeing. We are clinical research company by combining unparalleled experiences in Healthcare industries by Continuous improvement and strategic transformation.


We are committed to Quality, Speed, Value and Integrity and empower our students with rigorous knowledge and hands-on practical training of Clinical Research and to provide the platform and opportunity to the young capable minds to enter the field of Clinical Research. We Offer clinical educational programs that are used in other parts of the world.


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Mr. Milind Meshram
Director-CRO Operation
(Institute of Clinical research/SMO)

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Mrs.Naina Meshram
(Institute of Clinical research/SMO)