Franchise Support

Start-Up Support

    -Business Management Training
    -Marketing and Advertising Support
    -Recruitment Assistance & Training
    -Faculty Training
    –Faculty Reference Manual
    -Promotional Web Sites
    -Teaching Methodology Training
    -Customized Business systems

Operational Support

    -Finance Planning
    -Batch Scheduling
    -Online Examinations
    -Ongoing Business Support
    –Quality Audits
    -Business Coaching & Ongoing Guidance
    -Annual Convention and Monthly meets with strategy evaluations & goal setting
    -E-mail newsletters
    -Business Support help line
    -Personality Development Training
    -Advertising and Marketing

Technical Support

    -Technical support and Assistance
    -Technical support by E- Mail
    -Regular Course Upgrades
    -Ongoing Technical Training
    -State-of-the-art courseware